With DIRECT, renewing a Bangladeshi passport is a breeze

We provide a service for renewing Bangladeshi passports, filling out the application at the embassy, and delivering the passport to you after the renewal process in the most convenient way for you. If you are a Saudi sponsor looking for the easiest way to renew the passport for a Bangladeshi worker, contact us now.

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To book an appointment at the Embassy of Bangladesh

You can easily book an appointment for the Bangladesh Embassy and renew your passport through DIRECCT. We will handle the application form for the Bangladesh Embassy appointment on your behalf, allowing you to schedule an appointment conveniently from your location. Just contact us now to get all the details.

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24/7 customer service

Direct has a team of experts and consultants who will assist you in completing the requirements for renewing your Bangladeshi passport. After registering through the application, one of our representatives will contact you and guide you through all the necessary steps.

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Branches and offices nearest to you

Direct’s office has multiple branches spread across the entire kingdom to be by your side and close to you when you are at the Bangladeshi passport renewal centers. We provide you with extensive consultations and stay with you until you receive your passport.

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Requirements for renewing a Bangladeshi passport:

The original passport and residence permit.

A copy of the sponsor’s ID (identity) card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about renewing a Bangladeshi passport

Why choose Direct for renewing the Bangladeshi passport for workers?

Because we will handle the embassy application process, assist you with fingerprint procedures, and inform you about the required documents for passport renewal through our branches located near the unified center for Bangladeshi passport renewal.

Does renewing a Bangladeshi passport require an appointment?

Yes, it requires booking an appointment on the embassy’s website and attending the scheduled appointment.

What are the embassy fees for passport renewal?

The embassy fees are approximately 240 SAR, and they are paid in cash at the embassy.

What documents are required to be brought on the fingerprint day for Bangladeshi workers?

The original passport and residence permit, A copy of the sponsor’s ID (identity) card, The appointment sheet provided by Direct, The application form, which Direct will fill out for you.

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