Renew your Bangladeshi passport with Direct in simple steps

Renewing a passport typically requires a lot of time, effort, and complex procedures. However, with Direct, renewing your Bangladeshi passport is easy and straightforward.

Submit your request now to know all the details and start the renewal process.

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Renewing a Bangladeshi passport

We strive to make the process of renewing a Bangladeshi passport easy, effortless, and efficient. Apply now for passport renewal through Direct’s website or app. We are here to provide assistance and guidance at every step.

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Booking an appointment to renew the Bangladeshi passport

We take care of saving your time and simplifying the renewal process for maximum convenience. By simply submitting your request now, Direct will fill out the Bangladesh embassy application and book an appointment for you as quickly as possible.

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The documents required to renew the passport at the Bangladesh Embassy

Simply prepare the original passport, residence permit, and a copy of the sponsor’s ID (identity) card, and Direct will take care of the rest of the required documents and send them to you for the appointment day.

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Advantages of renewing a Bangladeshi passport through Direct

You can apply for passport renewal from wherever you are through Direct website or application.

We have branches spread all over the kingdom.

Providing an integrated electronic payment gateway to facilitate the payment process.

Filling out the application for the Bangladeshi embassy.

Booking the fingerprint appointment.

Printing all the documents and preparing them.

We deliver the passports in the way you prefer.

Customer service is waiting for your call 24/7.

Duration of issuing a Bangladeshi passport

After completing the appointment at the embassy and submitting the required documents, the new Bangladeshi passport will be issued within approximately 15 to 35 working days. For your convenience, you can choose the most suitable way to receive the passport.

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Direct is the best choice for renewing a passport

We prioritize customer comfort above all else. The Direct team works efficiently and professionally to ensure a hassle-free passport renewal experience. You can rely on us for renewing your Bangladeshi passport.

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Fees for renewing the Bangladeshi passport

The embassy fees are determined based on whether the applicant is an adult or a child. The approximate cost of renewing the passport is around 240 Saudi Riyals, and it is to be paid in cash at the Bangladesh embassy.

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